1955 Home Movie of White House Visit

This is a great find from archive.org. We dug up an old home movie of a family’s visit to Washington and the White House. When you watch it, you’ll be shocked to see how different the times were (i.e., security compared to today was non-existent)

Source: The Internet Archive

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  • EnserNG

    Sort of sad, this world we all have created… GoDC really helps point out our progress, or lack, thereof.

  • Once you place a bureaucracy in charge of something that has no effective oversight from either Congress or the White House — we can’t discuss that because it involves The Secret Service, the president’s security etc etc — you are virtually guaranteed to create a monster that does nothing but serve itself and its one client. One of my favorite examples of that — aside from the brutish presence of the SS around Lafayette Park and the White House grounds — was the Presidential Helicopter Obama felt compelled to cancel. What was the problem? It got enormously expensive. Why did it get so expensive? A major reason was the Secret Service wanted ridiculous protection for the president such as a helicopter that could essentially fall from the sky for several hundred feet and still protect everyone inside. What happened? The helicopter got really heavy. Surprise! And it couldn’t fly as far as it was supposed to. Surprise! But whenever you asked the Marines or the Navy about the requirements and who was creating them they would dodge the issue. Reviews of the program made clear that the SS ran amok but no one held them accountable. Instead, the Marines and the Navy — who “managed” the program — were the ones answering questions before Congress and talking to the press. And we still don’t have a program to replace the pretty tired and often rebuilt Marine One helicopters. https://www.fbo.gov/?s=opportunity&mode=form&id=9fc2fa6ff5a4ce805a9cbbc4450a8703&tab=core&_cview=1