1980 Photograph of Au Pied De Cochon

Thanks to GoDCer Mike, who sent this in to us. Now, whenever you walk by this spot, you get a waft of greasy Five Guys burgers and fries. Then, you saw a place with some great character, not to mention two payphones. Don’t forget to check out our two posts on the history of the building.

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Au Pied De Cochon in 1980
Au Pied De Cochon in 1980

When was the last time you used a payphone?

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  • K.R. Baylor

    Ah, Au Pied and my memories of it in the late 1990s. The only place in G’town where I actually saw a cockroach walk across a plate on a table.

    Great location, lousy restaurant. At least Five Guys corporate enforces hygiene standards.

  • Peoples Hernandez

    I was a waiter in Georgetown during the early 80s. We’d shut down our place and head over to Cochon most nights. It was a “waiter” hangout. Also, the place next door….Aux Fruit de Mer?

  • Isn’t this where one of our friendly Soviet defectors gave the slip to his FBI handlers?

    • Margaret Nye

      Yes, that’s the one.

  • p

    I waited for the G2 bus every day next to this restaurant in 1980 on the way home from work. I was working at my first job in Georgetown – The Balloon Man. I was lucky if I had $1.50 to have lunch and/or breakfast. Breakfast was coffee, lunch was French fries. I remember many, many cold, dark nights, wearing an abandoned coat (that nobody claimed at my BF’s father’s drycleaner. No hat, no scarf, no gloves. I would wait for that bus for such a long time, with an empty tummy and I could smell food and watch people eating right through that plastic wall. It was horrible. I had to ride the bus (that was always late and horribly crowded) and go home to beg for $4-5 from my BF so I could walk to the Safeway to get groceries so I could cook dinner. For him.

    I was so cold and so hungry. I will never forget this restaurant. People were eating in the warmth and being happy. I knew I wouldn’t ever have a chance to have the same experience.

    Good times, right?

    I’m still supporting someone. And doing without.