Arlington GoDCers, Can You Identify This Home?

We need your help … this is a photo from the Library of Congress showing a home in Cherrydale. Can anyone identify this home (if it still exists today)? The photo appears to be from 1920.

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Cherrydale Home
Cherrydale Home

Source: Library of Congress

Here is a photo of the home’s interior.

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Cherrydale home interior
Cherrydale home interior

Source: Library of Congress

UPDATE: Wow, GoDCer Shawn commented that it might be 2121 N. Quebec St. Looks really convincing to me. What do you think? (BTW, Shawn, that was ridiculously fast.)


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  • Terry

    I love the interior. That’s what’s called arts and crafts style, isn’t it?

  • Shawn Shafer

    There’s a good chance it is 2121 N Quebec St.

  • Twangirl

    wonder why there are grenades and bullets on the mantels…

  • edobson

    this is 2121 Quebec Street. The house is still owned by family of the original owners.
    The house was built in 1918.
    The family has no idea why the picture may have been taken and no idea why it is in the LOC.

    The interior picture and the other “Cherrydale” interiors in this collection are not from this house, according to people I know who have been in the house.

  • ET

    This is a National Photo Company photo and they took A LOT of DC area photos.

    According to Prints & Photographs division: “During the administrations of Presidents Wilson, Harding, Coolidge, and Hoover, the National Photo Company supplied photographs of current news events in Washington, D.C., as a daily service to its subscribers. It also prepared sets of pictures on popular subjects and undertook special photographic assignments for local businesses and government agencies. ”

  • Amy B

    Went to a garage sale at this house last summer and came away with a really cool old photo of the Cherry Blossoms!