Amazing Detailed Landscape of Alexandria in 1864

Don’t you just love these old Civil War photographs? This one is amazing, and it’s even more impressive if you click on it for the larger version. Can you see anything recognizable?

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General view of the city of Alexandria, Va., April 15, 1864
General view of the city of Alexandria, Va., April 15, 1864

One interesting thing to note … it was taken exactly one year before Lincoln was assassinated.

Source: Library of Congress

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  • ET

    What about Christ Church where George Washington once went to church. From a modern picture it is brick with a bit of white steeple and I think I see one like that a bit over towards the left above what looks to be the left edge of stables.

    What is more interesting is that domed structure sort of in the middle.

  • ET

    Also I wonder where it was taken from…..

    Here is something from 1861.

  • Pete

    The photo was taken from the hill where the Masonic Temple stands today. You can see the Christ Church, then panning right, King Street. The domed structure is the Orange & Alexandria RR Roundhouse, which was near Duke Street. The RR line continued to the Potomac, and you can still follow its path through the old Wilkes Street tunnel in Old Town.

  • Ronald Baumgarten

    The photograph also shows the camp of the 44th New York, which was positioned in front of Ft. Ellsworth (not visible here). There are several such photographs that were taken on Shuter’s Hill around the same time. They are collected in “Alexandria 1861-1865” in the Images of America series. Incidentally, I also blogged about the old railroad tunnel that your commenter takes note of below: