We dug this photo up on Shorpy and it shows a truck loaded down with 10,000 bottles of Whistle, orange soda. I’m trying to make out the building numbers behind it, but no luck. Anyone know where this was?

Washington, D.C., 1921. "Whistle car." A truck filled with Whistle, the "beverage wrapped in bottles." National Photo Company glass negative.
Washington, D.C., 1921. “Whistle car.” A truck filled with Whistle, the “beverage wrapped in bottles.” National Photo Company glass negative.
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Source: Shorpy

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  • Robert Ruszczyk

    The one digit I see is a 6 over the door on the right. The rest is obscured by a pillar.

  • Shorpy Fan

    Whistle truck found!
    Submitted by stanton_square on Fri, 08/01/2008 – 4:25pm.
    Well not the truck, but rather the location of the photo. It seemed sensible that the site might be in the vicinity of the former Whistle Bottling Works. I finally trotted down to the location today, and sure enough, the photo of the truck was taken directly in front of the bottling plant looking across the street (400 block F street N.E.)

  • ET

    Definitely on the streetcar line. Should be able to compare the lines to the company location to possibly verify Shorpy Fans investigation findings.