10,000 Bottles of Whistle

We dug this photo up on Shorpy and it shows a truck loaded down with 10,000 bottles of Whistle, orange soda. I’m trying to make out the building numbers behind it, but no luck. Anyone know where this was?

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Washington, D.C., 1921. "Whistle car." A truck filled with Whistle, the "beverage wrapped in bottles." National Photo Company glass negative.
Washington, D.C., 1921. “Whistle car.” A truck filled with Whistle, the “beverage wrapped in bottles.” National Photo Company glass negative.

Source: Shorpy

  • Robert Ruszczyk

    The one digit I see is a 6 over the door on the right. The rest is obscured by a pillar.

  • Shorpy Fan

    Whistle truck found!
    Submitted by stanton_square on Fri, 08/01/2008 – 4:25pm.
    Well not the truck, but rather the location of the photo. It seemed sensible that the site might be in the vicinity of the former Whistle Bottling Works. I finally trotted down to the location today, and sure enough, the photo of the truck was taken directly in front of the bottling plant looking across the street (400 block F street N.E.)

  • ET

    Definitely on the streetcar line. Should be able to compare the lines to the company location to possibly verify Shorpy Fans investigation findings.