Wow. Military Occupied H St. After the 1968 Riots

Wow, this is an amazing photograph of H St. after the riots. See if you can make out where this is on H St.

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H St. NE after the 1968 riots
H St. NE after the 1968 riots

Source: Sam Smith

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  • Peoples Hernandez

    At the time of the 1968 riots we lived on the 1700 block of Columbia Road, NW. The place was utter chaos until the National Guard arrived. It was remarkable. Also of note was the fact that the Safeway on Columbia Road was demolished by rioters but the adjacent Giant Food store wasn’t touched. Years later, another local resident postulated that Giant was immuned to rioters because in the mid-1960s the company had started to build stores in under-served communities of the city. In the rioting that followed the assassination of Martin
    Luther King, Jr., in 1968, store managers and black employees faced
    down angry mobs at Giant stores, and the chain escaped much of the
    looting and damage of the period.

  • Sheila

    The military was also at Pennsylvania Ave. and Southern Ave. during the riots too. I know, they stopped me, my husband, and our 6 month old son at the line. We lived on Pa. Ave. one block from the line. (Southern Ave.) The entire length of Southern Ave. was blocked by armed military, guns ready!

    They let no one into DC for a couple of days. I also have tapes of the riots that were taken from a police radio that belonged to a police friend of ours. We also have the Fire Department on it too, thanks to my husbands Fire Dept Radios, and we have several days of the riots on tape. We were coming form Maryland, and from miles away we saw bright, fire color, lights in the sky, and we all laughed and said

    “Hey, look! DC is on fire!” laughing all the way to the DC line.

    Little did we know,

    It was!
    and still burning!