“Temporary” Buildings on the Mall Seen From the Washington Monument

These are the “temporary” buildings on the Mall, erected in 1918 along Constitution Avenue (though still known as B St. then). The view is looking west from the Washington Monument in 1942, so it provides and excellent vantage point to see how massive they actually were.

Main Navy and Munitions Buildings in 1942
Main Navy and Munitions Buildings in 1942
  • http://communionoflight.com/ Frank Butterfield

    Thank goodness that mess was moved over to Virginia! There is, of course, a set of non-temporary temporary buildings known as the Navy Annex over there as well.

  • Andrew W

    Interesting to see bridges over the reflecting pool too!

  • Chad

    During a really low tide yesterday morning I noticed some old wood beams on the shoreline of Roosevelt Island. I bet they belong to that pier about midway upriver on the island.