“Temporary” Buildings on the Mall Seen From the Washington Monument

These are the “temporary” buildings on the Mall, erected in 1918 along Constitution Avenue (though still known as B St. then). The view is looking west from the Washington Monument in 1942, so it provides and excellent vantage point to see how massive they actually were.

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Main Navy and Munitions Buildings in 1942
Main Navy and Munitions Buildings in 1942
  • Thank goodness that mess was moved over to Virginia! There is, of course, a set of non-temporary temporary buildings known as the Navy Annex over there as well.

  • Andrew W

    Interesting to see bridges over the reflecting pool too!

  • Chad

    During a really low tide yesterday morning I noticed some old wood beams on the shoreline of Roosevelt Island. I bet they belong to that pier about midway upriver on the island.