Lincoln Memorial Under Construction

I took a trip down to the Lincoln Memorial this past weekend for the first time in quite a while. So, I thought it was appropriate to dig up an old photograph from the days when it was being built.

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Lincoln Memorial under construction
Lincoln Memorial under construction

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  • ET

    OK that is cool.

    I haven’t tried but it used to be you could see under the memorial by going to some entrance on the bottom to the left of the stairs. However, I think they may have changed the space a bit.

  • Audrey Burtrum-Stanley

    There is a remarkable story of the sculptor DANIEL CHESTER FRENCH, who created the Lincoln statue. He toured the Memorial the evening before the Dedication to check on the final details of the installation. French – much to his great dismay – discovered the lighting had been placed low and aimed upward. This brilliant illumination gave the Lincoln statue’s face an expression of shock, as the brows looked raised and the eyes were more pronounced. The sculpture design had been created for with a particular expression, and this was created with shadow. The artist insisted the lights be dismantled and moved to the top of the structure, aiming downward. When this was done, the effect was dramatic. The pondering, almost burdened expression of the great man’s countenance was better presented by shadows softening the curves of the face. The lighting – as with lighting everywhere – would have ‘made’ or ‘destroyed’ the effect… Thus, the Memorial’s sculpture by French, was more artistically and profoundly presented for the American public and for history.