A View of Old Washington Down Pennsylvania Avenue

Here is another excellent photo of Pennsylvania Ave., also from the 1920s. We did a little Googling for this one too and came across it here.

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view down Pennsylvania Ave. NW
view down Pennsylvania Ave. NW

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  • Great photo

  • bigjoeyta202

    any idea what the name of the hotel on the left is next to the Polis theater?

  • ET

    Pretty sure that is the 1400 block of Penn. where the Pershing Park or Freedom Plaza is.


    As for the hotel I think it might be the Grand Hotel. There is a digitized version of the 1917 Rand McNally Washington Guide with some of the hotels and big attraction. Poli’s is on there and the Grand is at the corner of 15th and Penn.

  • PatB

    In the Downtown Pennsylvania Avenue photo, this must be before traffic laws.