Riggs Bank Photo Dated November 14th, 1888

This is an awesome photo dated November 14th, 1888. The photo is labeled “Riggs Bank – the Dept. of Justice for A.P.A.” and was taken by Frances Benjamin Johnston.

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Riggs Bank - the Dept. of Justice for A.P.A.
Riggs Bank – the Dept. of Justice for A.P.A.

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  • suspicious_package

    Where is this?

  • Medic481

    You might find this interesting…
    A check dated Jan 3, 1900 (Note- the preprinted “189-” is crossed out) The red stamp marked ‘I.R.” is to note that 2cents tax was paid on the transaction, as the Internal Revenue laws of the time required tax to be paid on financial transactions of all kinds.

  • Trinca

    The building on the left is a great shot of the old Freedman’s bank on Lafayette Square. it had gone under by the time this picture was taken.

  • DofC

    15th and Pa. Ave. NW?