The GoDC Challenge Is Back … 10 Questions for a T-Shirt! t-shirt t-shirt

We’re back after a long absence with our latest installment of the GoDC challenge.

The first person to successfully answer all 10 questions will be the proud recipient of a black t-shirt. You’ll be the envy of all your GoDC buddies.

We’ll close out the challenge at 8 p.m. tonight, so if we don’t have a perfect score by then, the highest score will win.

So, without further ado, here are the 10 questions … place your answers in the comments below.

1. Where did U2 play the day before John Lennon was shot?

2. There used to be a traffic circle at 16th and U St. What was it named?

3. Where did Walter Johnson marry his wife Hazel? (A simple street address will suffice.)

4. What was the name of the White House aide that went down with the Titanic?

5. A plane from Bolling Airfield crashed in Anacostia, killing the two pilots. One has a major air force base named after him. Who was that?

6. Where is Officer Sprinkle buried?

7. Who was the first person to catch a baseball thrown from the top of the Washington Monument?

8. Vice President Coolidge had to evacuate what building in 1922 due to a fire?

9. In 1925, First Lady Grace Coolidge visited what theater in D.C. to attend a Girl Scouts benefit?

10. How many posts do we have on Ghosts of DC? (Price is Right rules – closest without going over.)

Here is today's recommendation for you. We think you'll like it!

  • douglas

    1. bayou club

    2.hancock circle

    3.monroe st nw

    4. archibald butt

    5. macdill


    7.gabby street

    8.the willard

    9.tivoli theater

    10. 500

  • Jason

    1. The Bayou

    2.Hancock Circle

    3.Monroe Street

    4. Capt. A.H. Rostron

    5. Lt. Col. Leslie MacDill

    6. Arlington National Cemetery

    7.Gabby Street

    8. The Willard

    9. Tivoli Theatre


  • GoDCer Jeremiah is the winner of this … he emailed in @ 10:13 am the following 10 correct answers (#10 is 957 posts)

    1 Ontario Theater
    2 Hancock
    3 1498 Monroe St NW
    4 Archibald Butt
    5 Lt Col Leslie Macdill
    6 Arl Cemetery Sec 13 Site 375a
    7 Senators Gabby St
    8 Williard Hotel
    9 Tivoli Theater
    10 About 850+

  • andrew

    poop is the answer