Ghostly Image of Fans Waiting for 1924 Washington Senators

I love these old crowd shots. You can pick out some fascinating faces and some ghostly ones.

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Fans outside Griffith Stadium on October 10th, 1924
Fans outside Griffith Stadium on October 10th, 1924

This photograph is from October 10th, 1924 and the team just won the World Series, beating the New York Giants by one run in the 12th inning of game 7.

Check out this guy’s face.

Senators fan
Senators fan

How about these two African-American men in a sea of white faces?

two fans
two fans

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  • My2cents

    I see three African-American fans in the second photo.

  • Jarrett Ferrier

    I’d LOVE to get a copy of that photo. Is it accessible?