1903 Map of Eastern Market

Here’s a great 1903 map of Eastern Market, as requested by GoDCer Orestes. Hope you enjoy it!

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1903 map of Eastern Market
1903 map of Eastern Market

And below is the Google Map of the area today.

[googlemaps https://maps.google.com/?ie=UTF8&ll=38.884018,-76.995288&spn=0.005721,0.011362&t=m&z=17&output=embed]

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  • Cash Jordan

    A family death certificate has the residence as “51 Myrette Street, D.C.” Is that a typo, or was there really a Myrette St. in November 1879? Hope you know! THANKS!

  • Stephen Tinius

    For the requestor: There are several sets of Baist surveys available for free download from the Library of Congress Web site. Go to http://www.loc.gov and search for Baist. Download the highest resolution pages of interest, then use a viewer such as Irfanview or Picasa so you can zoom in for the detail. I love these maps!