View of Dupont Circle from Blaine Mansion

This photograph appears to be taken from Blaine Mansion sometime during the 1920s, looking east over Dupont Circle. You can see the Cairo Building in the background.

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Dupont Circle looking east
Dupont Circle looking east

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  • David C. Stewart

    I love everything you do and appreciate your work. BTW I lived on the 12th floor of the Cairo in 1979-80 and still live 2 blocks off the circle. Thanks!

  • blawton

    Riggs bank on the left, People’s Drugs on the right. Note the air vent for the trolly station below the circle.

  • Thirstiest

    I really enjoy your posts, grew up in DC, my late dad had an office for many years at the old Oriental Bldg on 13&Penn, mom dressed my sister and I in our Sunday best to go shopping on F street, she is still in DC. Many great memories!