Remember the days when you had to check the newspaper to find movie times? Those days died about 15 years ago, but for some reminiscing, check out this page from the Washington Post in 1969. Also, $2.99 for Led Zeppelin II on LP.

Washington Post movies - November 20th, 1969
Washington Post movies – November 20th, 1969
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Also on November 20th, explicit photos of the My Lai Massacre were published for the first time by the Cleveland Plain Dealer after Seymour Hersh broke the story a week prior.

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  • Mark Collins

    Those prices held until about 1976-77. I used to shop at Kemp Mill records and picked up many an album for that price.

  • wwb_99

    Never knew that the old flower ave theater was an adult theater but it makes sense . . .

  • Tony Ross

    Check out “Miss Busy Beaver” at the Burlesk and the Russ Meyer classic “Vixen” playing on Viers Mill Rd.!

  • David Rhodes

    I love the Mr Henry’s Capitol Hill ad for Arthur Prysock. I wasn’t aware there was a Mr Henry’s in Georgetown at that time either.

  • David Rhodes

    I liked the Mr Henrys ad for Capitol Hill and Arthur Prysock.