American Engineering Council’s Annual Dinner at the Mayflower Hotel (1937)

This room is full of middle-aged white dudes.

The photograph below (courtesy of the Library of Congress) is the annual dinner of the American Engineering Council at the Mayflower Hotel, held in 1937.

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annual dinner of the American Engineering Council (1937)
annual dinner of the American Engineering Council (1937)
January 15th, 1937
January 15th, 1937

Their annual meeting was held that morning in the hotel at 10 a.m., according to the Washington Post’s “What’s Going On and Where” column in the January 15th, 1937 paper.

Senator Joseph O’Mahoney was the featured speaker at this thrilling event, and it was written up in the Washington Post the following day.

Senator Joseph O’Mahoney, of Wyoming, told members of engineering societies meeting at the Hotel Mayflower last night that the only way for mass production to continue was to find a method to insure mass consumption.

This isn’t exactly our most exciting post subject matter, but the photo was pretty interesting.

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  • And yet those boring white dudes are the guys who make the lights work and the airplanes fly and keep the buildings from collapsing on us. They are not as superficially exciting as journalists and celebrities, for it requires some effort and knowledge to appreciate what they do. There was a time when Americans aspired to be engineers, much as the Chinese and Indians do that now. I don’t think we’re better off for having substituted style for substance, though everyone does seem to like our movies.

    Mark Kinsler
    Lancaster, Ohio