1804 Kearney St. NE

What a terrific photo of a home in Northeast. This is 1804 Kearney St. NE.

1804 Kearney St. NE in 1921
1804 Kearney St. NE in 1921

Check out the Google Street View of the same property today. It’s not a great angle because the straight-on shot has trees blocking it.

  • http://twitter.com/pockettpatrick Plan Dis

    Ever since I bought my own Wardman here in DC, I’ve been fascinated in the changes that people have made to the homes in DC over the years and wish I knew the thinking behind those changes. For instance, why on earth would anyone purposely remove that lovely front porch? When did they take those interesting plants out and why? I would find the story behind even something as mundane as that fascinating.

  • archie27

    here’s how it looked – porchless – in 2004, per the DC PIVS site:


  • DeltaBurke

    ??? why would someone remove the porch?