What a terrific photo of a home in Northeast. This is 1804 Kearney St. NE.

1804 Kearney St. NE in 1921
1804 Kearney St. NE in 1921
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Check out the Google Street View of the same property today. It’s not a great angle because the straight-on shot has trees blocking it.

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  • http://twitter.com/pockettpatrick Plan Dis

    Ever since I bought my own Wardman here in DC, I’ve been fascinated in the changes that people have made to the homes in DC over the years and wish I knew the thinking behind those changes. For instance, why on earth would anyone purposely remove that lovely front porch? When did they take those interesting plants out and why? I would find the story behind even something as mundane as that fascinating.

  • archie27

    here’s how it looked – porchless – in 2004, per the DC PIVS site: