Hanging a Confederate War Criminal

Here is a macabre photo share for a rainy Sunday. A death warrant is being read to a man about to be hanged.

The man on the gallows is Henry Wirz, a confederate captain, being executed in 1865. Wirz was in charge of the prisoner of war Camp Sumter near Andersonville, Georgia. He is one of only two men tried, convicted and executed for war crimes during the Civil War.

a death warrant being read to inmate Wirz on the gallows
a death warrant being read to inmate Wirz on the gallows

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  • Jim Steele

    Wirz is buried in section 27 of Mount Olivet Cemetery.

  • Mary Surratt and a group of Booth’s co-conspirators were hung at the Washington Navy Yard after their convictions. The Surratt House (part of MNCPPC) a photo of the hanging in their collection.

    • Jim Steele

      Mary Surratt is also buried at Mount Olivet. Her tombstone says only, “Mrs. Surratt.”