Counting Electoral College Votes in 1917

This is another great photo, again from the Library of Congress. The caption states that it is the counting of electoral votes for the 1916 Presidential Election, in which Woodrow Wilson beat Charles Hughes. I’m unclear why this count would be on April 14th when the inauguration was on March 5th.

Click on it to see the faces of the men, who all happen to be old white dudes.

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Counting electorial vote, U.S. Capitol, [Washington, D.C.], 4/14/17
Counting electorial vote, U.S. Capitol, [Washington, D.C.], 4/14/17

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  • archie27

    They’d all be surfing the www on their smartphones nowadays. they look pretty bored.

  • dctravel

    Seeing this post made me wonder about the date too. I did a quick look through the 1917 Congressional Record and discovered that electoral votes were counted on February 14, 1917 (pursuant to S.Res. 357).The counting can be found on page 3267 of the 1917 Congressional Record (vol. 54, 64th Congress, 2nd session).

  • I bet the date on the photo is wrong then … instead of 4/14/17 should be 2/14/17

    • dctravel

      That would be my guess too!