1915 Map of Georgetown Waterfront

In response to a couple requests on the last 1915 Georgetown map, here is one of the neighboring plates, showing the area down to the Potomac River.

Map of Georgetown in 1915
Map of Georgetown in 1915

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  • A friend recently turned me on to this site and I absolutely love it. I have been studying the Georgetown Branch of the B&O RR for the last 14+ years and I have never seen this map. I love it. The most fascinating thing is that I have heard from many sources that the B&O provided transportation for many of the stone blocks that went into building the Lincoln Memorial, and that track was laid from the end of the GB on along the waterfront to the location of the Memorial. According to Wikipedia the Memorial was dedicated in 1922. This is the first map I’ve seen that seems to indicate that it would be a possibility. In the very bottom right hand corner you’ll see a track extending off to the SW, just past the freight house. I am going to keep my hopes up and maybe another map will be found that shows this area with the line going further. Really wonderful stuff. Here is a link to my GB site: http://sluggyjunx.com/rr/gb/.

  • Mike Lastort

    I work in the Flour Mill Building, which is on the west side of Potomac St, so just off the edge of this map. Do you have anything further west?