Detailed Map of Lincoln Park in 1903

Here is another amazing map. This time we are focusing on Lincoln Park. Look at how many lots are vacant. And there is a race track at 15th and North Carolina Ave. Gotta love old maps like this … you can study them forever. GoDCers love maps!

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Lincoln Park Baist real estate map in 1903
Lincoln Park Baist real estate map in 1903

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  • The “Race Track” might be a velodrome. I estimate the length of the track at around 707 feet (adding up the straights and calculating the curves as semicircles with a radius of about 90 feet). That’s 214 meters. Too short to to run on, much too short to race horses on–but, given sufficient banking, just about long enough to race bicycles. The proposed Buzzard Point velodrome might be thought of as the spiritual successor to this Lincoln Park structure.

  • There is more on the racetrack in Brett Abrams’s book, “Capitol Sporting Grounds: A History of Stadium and Ballpark Construction in Washington, D.C.” Interesting stuff!