Georgetown Map Circa 1915

Another fantastic Baist real estate map, this time from 1915. The map shows a good chunk of Georgetown.

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map of Georgetown in 1915 (Baist real estate atlas)
map of Georgetown in 1915 (Baist real estate atlas)

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  • Ted Stoddard

    Fantastic map! I grew up one block east of this Plate on P st. Is the adjacent Plate available somewhere??

  • Patricia

    Same question since my house was on N St, NW.

  • Love the blog. How did you get the Baist map copied? Do you have one for upper Georgetown/Glover Park for the same or similiar era? (1920’s-1930’s). If not where can you get copies of these maps? I’m also curious about the newspapers. Are they on microfilm/fiche and indexed? How do you locate the stories and images? Is it random?

    • The Baist maps don’t go through the 1930s, but I can find the one for Glover Park in the 1920s or earlier. These are available on the Library of Congress’ site, or you can even Google “Baist maps DC” and they’ll pop up.

      Regarding the newspapers, also LoC and Proquest. And yes, the topics are typically random when I think of something that might be interesting. But I do know that GoDCers love maps, so that makes it easy!

  • Or you can visit the Peabody Room at the Georgetown Branch Library to see historic maps of Georgetown!