Some of your D.C. old-timers will remember this commercial. So Awesome.

An interesting bit of trivia that you probably don’t know. The dude that penned this jingle, Nils Lofgren, was also a member of Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band and was also part of Neil Young’s band. Clearly this jingle is his best work.


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  • WFY

    Some would argue “Bullets Fever” was better, but “Nobody Bothers Me” stood the test of time, plus was broadcasts on DC UHF channels 100 times a day for 14 years.

  • dougharrisdc

    I thought of this ad immediately when you posted the 1970s commercial last week.

    A true test of a child of 1980s Washington is singing the first part of this song and joining in on the rest.

  • FloridaFFfromMd

    Might for Right !

  • Caroline Petti

    No….this jingle is Mr.Lofgren’s best work.

    Our own Bethesda boy, live at The Barns of Wolf Trap.

  • Ib

    Working with jingle artist Tom Guernsey, no doubt.