Hillcrest Townhomes by the DiMaio Brothers

A number of GoDCers have been asking for more east of the river stuff (including our GoDCer friend Ayanna) … so here’s another cool advertisement from Hillcrest Heights that we found in the Washington Post. This one is from July 25th, 1959. I suspect some of you will recognize the style of this home, much like most home built in the 1950s.

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DiMaio Brothers Hillcrest real estate advertisement - July 25th, 1959
DiMaio Brothers Hillcrest real estate advertisement – July 25th, 1959

Also, are you looking at that price? $14,975? Oh, one more thing. Notice the sales agent, T.N. Lerner? Does that ring a bell? Yep, that’s because it’s Theodore N. Lerner (aka, Ted Lerner). You know, the dude that owns the Washington Nationals.

Interested in the neighborhood today. Check out the Google Map.

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  • jeff

    Adjusted for inflation using CPI, that’s about $118,500 today. Based on Trulia, that is actually at the high end of what townhouses in that neighborhood are fetching today.