WTF? Scantily Clad Women Dancing on the Field at Senators Game

I’m not sure how to explain this one … it’s just bizarre. Thanks to Vanished Americana for this gem.

women dancing on the field at Nationals game - 1924 (
women dancing on the field at Nationals game – 1924 (

That’s our good buddy and Columbia Heights resident, Nick Altrock, with his clown teammate Al Schacht.

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  • stephen c.

    Oh, go ahead – laugh all you want. Being a pledge wasn’t easy and there was no other way to get into the fraternity…

  • Ayanna

    Perhaps they’re cheerleaders?

  • Christyn

    I think maybe it’s a connection to ancient Rome where the “senate” originated. The women look like they are wearing a more scandalous version of the clothing worn during that time period. Just a guess.