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Ugh, Traffic Sucks

Aerial view of a traffic jam, 14th Street and the Mall, Washington, D.C., Apr. 1937. 30-N-37-1360A. (National Archives)

Think your commute home today will suck? Check this out … Constitution Avenue circa 1937. By the way, do you know why it’s called Constitution Avenue? If not, read this post. Related articles Bus Strike Creates Traffic Disaster (ghostsofdc.org) Why Is …

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Isometrical View of the White House

Isometrical view of the Presidents House, the surrounding public buildings, and private residences - 1984 (LIbrary of Congress)

This is a cool drawing that we found in the Library of Congress’ archives. It’s centered on the White House, showing the surrounding area around the 1850s (done in 1984). The bottom left side would be the Ellipse today and …

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1851 Map of the City of Washington, D.C.

Map of the city of Washington D.C. : established as the permanent seat of the government of the U.S. of Am. / James Keily, surveyor. - 1851 (Library of Congress)

What an amazing old map of Washington, D.C. in 1851. I found this gem on the Library of Congress’ website. Click on it for a much larger version. Dig this map? Want to see more? Sign up for our updates …

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