Daily Archives: Aug 17, 2012

Friday’s GoDC Trivia Challenge; Sweet Black T-Shirt Prize

Here it is again … your Friday Ghosts of DC trivia challenge. Last week’s winner, Katie, crushed it and is the proud owner of a brand new Officer Sprinkle shirt. We hope you proudly flaunt that shirt around town as …

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Girl Padlocks White House Gates; Locks Eisenhower Inside

padlocked gate

You know how bad it sucks to accidentally lock yourself out of your house. How about when you’re locked in and your home is the White House? Well, that actually happened to President Eisenhower. Here is an amusing article from …

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LBJ’s Beagle Run Over and Killed in White House Driveway

LBJ in the White House with his dogs Him and Her

How tragic is this? On June 15th, 1966, President Johnson‘s beagle was accidentally run over by the White House limousine in the driveway of the mansion. Ugh, that’s terrible. Here’s the report in the Washington Post the following day. The …

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