Putnam’s Billiard Parlor: The Finest in the United States

Here’s an advertisement from December 7th, 1911 in the Washington Herald. If you’re a frequent patron of Buffalo Billiards, Bedrock Billiards or the former Kokopooli’s, you’ll find this interesting.

Putnam's Billard Parlor advertisement - December 7th, 1911 (Washington Herald)
Putnam’s Billard Parlor advertisement – December 7th, 1911 (Washington Herald)

Here’s a small mention of the place in the Washington Post on September 29th, 1911.

George Slosson, the well-known billiard expert, will come to this city on October 16 to play a match with Tom Gallagher, of New York, an old-time professional, who at present is in this city. They will play 400 points at the 18.2 game.

Play will be at the rooms of William F. Putnam, 819 Fourteenth street, and will mark the opening of this new billiard hall. The match will be open to the public.

Also, check out this post from a while back … a pool hall riot.

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