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Japanese State Visit to Eisenhower White House

In September of 1960, the U.S. and Japan were celebrating 100 years of diplomatic relations. Crown Prince Akihito and Princess Michiko traveled to Washington at the end of the month to celebrate the occasion with an official state visit. An …

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Norbeth Homes in Hillcrest Heights (1961)

Hillcrest Heights real estate advertisement - September 23rd, 1961

Several readers have suggested Ghosts of DC start focusing on a broader range of neighborhoods and communities and we agree. So continue sending those emails and suggestions to give us more ideas. Below is an old real estate advertisement we …

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Hot Pants, a Hooded Hair Dryer and the 9:30 Club

Earlier this week, Ghosts of DC received a generous invite to tour the 9:30 Club. To some GoDCers, it might come as a shock that we haven’t yet written about this hub of the local music scene. It wasn’t the …

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Escaped Monkey Spreads Terror in East Riverdale

angry monkeys are scary

Do not piss off an angry monkey. It will tear your face off. Never trust a monkey, especially one that is getting its first taste of freedom. The summer of 1929 had the residents of East Riverdale, Maryland bear witness …

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Drunken Party Ends in Death; Revelers Held

Washington Post headline

We love articles about whoopee parties. Who doesn’t? Here’s one that we came across which had a troubling ending, far worse that the last one that we wrote about. The article was published in the Washington Post on July 8th, …

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Babe Ruth’s Final Game and Home Run as a Yankee

Babe Ruth at bat against Washington

Babe Ruth and the Yankees came to town in September of 1934 for one last hurrah. They were to play the Senators in a doubleheader on Saturday, September 29th, followed by a Sunday afternoon game. Already having lost the American …

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Capitalsaurus: Official Dinosaur of the District (Seriously)

Capitalsaurus Court street sign

Workers were digging a sewer trench beneath a Capitol Hill street in 1898.  They came upon a few fossil fragments — among them, a 6-inch bone that now represents the largest piece of the District’s controversial “official dinosaur,” the Capitalsaurus. …

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Woman Dies in Flames; Husband Sleeps Through It

newspaper headline - December 5th, 1916 (Washington Post)

Here we have another bizarre article from the Washington Post, published on December 5th, 1916. This one was sent to us by GoDCer John (i.e., our inspiration and Mr. Streets of Washington). Mrs. Mabel E. Bates, 38 years old, wife of …

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