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Oregon Trail Passes Through Washington

May 11th, 1925. Washington, D.C. "Ezra Meeker with 101 Ranch." The Wild West show rolls into town at the Florida Avenue fairgrounds. Ezra Meeker, "hero of the Oregon Trail," was part of the parade. National Photo glass neg. (Shorpy)

A caravan of horses, buffalo, elephants and longhorns passing through D.C.? What’s up with that? Take a closer look at the photo below, especially the super old dude driving the wagon. That’s Ezra Meeker, one of the early pioneers that …

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Griffith Stadium Meets the Wrecking Ball

Griffith Stadium from the air in 1960 (Wikipedia)

The site of so many wonderful baseball and football memories, Griffith Stadium, had its life ended by the brutal swings of a wrecking ball in 1965. The hapless doormat of the American League, the Washington Senators stopped playing in there …

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