1903 Footage of Rural Postal Delivery

Here is film that I came across in the Library of Congress’ archives. It was shot on August 8th, 1903 in rural Washington, D.C. and is completely fascinating. Times have changed … just a little bit.

The film shows the delivery of U.S. mail by a two-horse vehicle. The postal employee gets out of the wagon and places mail in a standard metal mail box. A woman comes out of her house and removes the mail from the mail box, then buys stamps from the mail carrier as the picture ends.

  • Any idea where “Wagon Route B” went? Would be so curious to see this location today…

    • JJJ

      I’m sure there has to be a document in the Archives that outlines where all of the postal routes in DC were

  • Her mother’s only reaction after seeing it: “Why didn’t you get that broken fence fixed?!”

  • Love the chicken . . .

  • Sheila

    So cool!

  • Frankie

    That was a chicken? I thought it was a cat. Plus, the mailman does not place mail in the mailbox; he removes a letter, instead. Then the lady comes out with another letter, and she buys some stamps and stands there and licks one of the stamps and places it on the envelope (which the mail carrier is holding for her).