Vienna Home for $14,750

Here’s a great old advertisement that reminds me of Kevin Arnold and the Wonder Years. I found this in The Washington Post from 1957. Urban centers were in the middle of emptying out as people headed to the suburbs for a home with a white picket fence.

Vienna real estate advertisement - May 18th, 1957 (Washington Post)
Vienna real estate advertisement – May 18th, 1957 (Washington Post)

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  • WFY

    Many of those are still there, but some have been expanded significantly or replaced by newer larger homes. Compared with more recent developments, those lots have a lot of land.

  • ckstevenson

    The map is pretty interesting. Obviously the Beltway didn’t exist back then.

    But notice that it references the CIA headquarters. The CIA was formally created in 1947 after the split of the OSS. According to Wikipedia ( ground was broken for the CIA headquarters in 1959. Interesting that two years before the site was even being touched they was advertising related to it.

    The address of the real estate agency is now the site of Taste of Tunisia. The agency still exists and is interestingly located very very close to the CIA –

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  • I live in one of these now in Hyattsville, a 3 bedroom “rambler”. It’s tiny, but spacious compared to my apartment near Nats’ Stadium.