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Metro Trains Were Almost Bright Red!

This is a guest post by Aaron. He also wrote a cool one on the 1940 U.S. Census. We suspect you’ve ridden Metro for many years – without seeing anything quite like these stunning “glossy red” train cars.  They were part …

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Columbia Heights Arcade Gets First Roof Garage in D.C.

Arcade Market in Columbia Heights (Library of Congress)

Driving was still not the primary mode off transportation in the city with streetcars crisscrossing the city, but John Blick, head of the Arcade Market going up in Columbia Heights felt strongly enough about making as easy as possible to …

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143 Days In … Time For a Break

1909 panoramic view of Washington (Library of Congress)

Since we started way back (seems like way back) on January 4th, we have put up 336 blog posts about this city. For 143 consecutive days, seven days a week, without a single day off, we (I still use “we”) …

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Frederick Douglass Attends First Union Alumni Association of Howard University and Toasts “Self-Made Men”

Frederick Douglass in 1881

This is a guest post by John (from The Lion of Anacostia), cross-posted here. Frederick Douglass was a self-made man about town during his years in Washington. He was a frequent guest of the White House through the various Presidential administrations after the Civil War, …

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Wizard of Oz Munchkin Major Mite Visits the White House

You find one, you find them all. Ok, admittedly the last few posts have been focused on little people, so this will be the last one for a while. Clarence Chesterfield Howerton, popularly known as “Major Mite,” visited the White …

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The Midget Policeman: Julius Daranyi

Yesterday’s post was popular, and thanks to GoDCer Mark’s tweet, I have another oddity to share with you. Below is a scene you’re not likely to see today at 14th and G. This is Julius Daranyi who had arrived in …

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Midgets for Coolidge

So, this is a bizarre one that I came across on Shorpy … a large group of midgets arrive in Washington to support President Calvin Coolidge. I’m not making this up. It was reported in the Washington Post on January 20th, …

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Falls Church: Washington’s Quaint Suburb

Falls Church today (Wikipedia)

Below is the great opening paragraph of an article from the Washington Times. “Hello, central. Gimme Leesburg.” “Leesburg? O. K. There you are.” The central office which really places you in communications with Leesburg is situated in the picturesque town …

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Charles Douglass Calls Swearing-In of Senator Hiram Revels “One of the Greatest Days in the History of This Country.”

Blanche Kelso Bruce, Frederick Douglass, Hiram Rhodes Revels

This is a guest post by John (from The Lion of Anacostia), cross-posted here. The first black American seated as a member of the United States Senate was Hiram Rhodes Revels representing Mississippi. Revels filled the seat vacated by Jefferson Davis, who left to serve as …

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The Kenesaw: Fine New Structure Goes Up in Mt. Pleasant

The Kenesaw a view from the northeast (Flickr user: parkview dc)

It’s still amusing to me when the papers refer to anything north of Boundary St. (i.e., Florida Avenue) as the suburbs. I came across an article in the Washington Times from 1906, highlighting some new construction in Mt. Pleasant. The …

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Catholic University Fall Term Opens Tuesday, October 4th, 1910

Catholic University advertisement in the Washington Herald (1910)

October 4th? That seems really late. Holy sh*t … tuition of $75 per year. It’s now $35,000, and that’s actually not bad compared to neighbor school GWU at around $50,000 (ouch). Related articles The National Cathedral School for Boys (St. …

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Three Things About Deanwood

Deanwood in the 1907 Baist Real Estate Atlas (Library of Congress)

Last week, we did a quick post on Fort Lincoln Heights. Now, I’d like to focus a little more on Deanwood, the former neighborhood of both Nannie Helen Burroughs and Marvin Gaye. 1. Before the Deanwood metro … way before …

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