Owning Your Own Apartment is Preferred to Owning Your House

I’m sure anyone would like rent of $42.50. This advertisement from 1920 is making a strong argument for Washingtonians to buy an apartment.

Real estate advertisement from 1920 (Washington Times)
Real estate advertisement from 1920 (Washington Times)

“Owning your own Apartment is preferred to owning your house–because it has the double advantage of greater enhancement and contentment removing forever the worry and varying expense incidental to living in rented quarters.” That may be the case, but what if you have crappy neighbors walking all over their wood floors like thunder foot. Or even worse, your neighbor starts a meth lab and almost blows up the building (remember this one in Dupont?).

While not as fascinating as the Titanic and Carpathia ads, this is an interesting ad, so I’m sharing it with you.

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