Everything You Wanted to Know About the Hart Senate Office Building

Here’s another interesting video, giving you some history you probably don’t know. I’m also guessing a number of you work in or near this building.

Also, I very much remember the building being closed for three months following the anthrax mailing to Senator Daschle’s office.

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  • ngmccrumb

    The Hart Building was closed for three months post-anthrax, not just three weeks.

  • capitolization

    This video says the clouds still turn by a motor. I don’t think that’s true. I spend a lot of time in there & have never seen them move. I’ve always heard that Calder did installs himself, but since he died before the install, someone else did. And the clouds were unbalanced and quickly burned out the motor. This may have come from a George Will piece that he wrote about the Hart bldg & the Calder back in the ’80’s.

  • Mike Viqueira

    I’m having a hard time seeing the video, so forgive me if this is redundant. Hart was built atop what was Schott’s Alley. In the early part of the 20th century it was the first address for many newly arrived Italian immigrant families. Here is an account from one of them who lived there as a child (my grandfather) .http://www.capitolhillhistory.org/interviews/2004/ambrosi_tony.html

    • Mike Viqueira

      I visited Schott’s Alley as a child with my grandfather, just before ground was broken for Hart. There was a men’s club on the grounds.
      One more minor point: I ended up a reporter, and as such was among the first on the scene of the anthrax attack. We all ended up on Cipro for weeks.