Ron Paul Jacks a Double, More Beach Babes and the History of Constitution Avenue

Did you enjoy how we ended last week? I thought it was important to teach you the history of U street (you really clicked “Why Is It Named U Street?”).

Stinson SM-6000 Tri-Motors
Stinson SM-6000 Tri-Motors

Well, this week you learned that Ron Paul had a pretty sweet swing in 1983. I also shared with you more Washington bathing beach babes (have you had enough?). Let’s not forget, now you know the history of Constitution Avenue’s name (and that it was almost named Jefferson Avenue). Poor Congressman Henry Cooper. He proposed the grand new name, but never lived to see the street signs change.

You also now know that one of the first express air routes flew through Washington and JFK was human like the rest of us and screwed up on camera.

So, when you’re knocked back a DC Brau or Old Fashioned this evening — at our last IWCT, Smith Commons, of course — make sure you regale your spouse, date, friends or dude sitting next to you with all this great history you’ve learned.

There are a ton of D.C. blogs out there, but none as educational as this.

Here’s a great photo to leave you with … Union Station in 1908, the year it was built.

Union Station (1908)
Union Station (1908)

If you have comments, questions or requests about what to post next week, fill up the comments below. We’re always happy to take suggestions.

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