You Want Oysters? Back in 1890, You’d Go to Alexandria

Alexandria Gazette - December 4th, 1890
Alexandria Gazette - December 4th, 1890

Reading this makes me a little hungry. I was scanning the old Alexandria Gazette (2 cents!) from December 4th, 1890 and noticed that they have an entire column dedicated to oyster advertisements. Mrs. Rammel has quite a variety of them served in her N. Royal St. restaurant. Check out the ad below …

Oyster advertisements in the Alexandria Gazette
Oyster advertisements in the Alexandria Gazette (1890)

Andrew Della’s place sounds the best (of course, because he says they’re the best that come to market). Take a look at 307 Prince Street now. I’m sure that Mr. Della would be shocked that the building he formerly occupied is now worth close to a million dollars (thanks Zillow).

Now I want oysters, and the two best places I can think of in D.C. are Pearl Dive and Hank’s Oyster Bar. Although, the Tabard Inn has some awesome oysters and the best fireplace in the city. I’m sure all three of these places will be jammed tonight.

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